Glamping in what I call a desert paradise

    When I thought of glamping in the Sahara Desert I couldn’t have imagined the beauty that I was about to experience. Knowing I was going to shoot in Marrakesh of course I had to rely on the good ole gram to find all the picture perfect places that I just had to shoot at while there doing some collaborations. It didnt take more then a few #marrakesh scrolls to find what I call paradise in the middle of the desert,…

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    The absolute must have Summer bags

    If you’re a fashionista or even a plain Jane girl from Nebraska you know you’ve been seeing these must have bags ALL over your IG feed. Personally Im obsessed! My closet…

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    Oh Coachella how I love you

    OK OK I know you’re all getting bombarded with Coachella pictures, but how could you not be obsessed with everyone’s boho hippie vibes. When can you ever throw glitter in your…

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    Vintage Vegas

    Pretty sure most of us girls are all the same,  always looking for that perfect place for that perfect picture. I know my trips are now revolved around where I can…

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    Festival season is finally here

    Festival season 2018 is almost here! As you prepare to see your favorite artists and celebrate the start of spring, stay ahead of the curve with these fashion and beauty tips.…

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    Tulum with Colibri Boutique Resorts

    I knew I was ready for a vacation that included crystal clear blue water and some white sand…and of course drinks on the beach. Seeing my love for Bali is so…